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Rare Breed is a North American based social kin on the Arkenstone server. We are led into battle by Sansael with Dadi as her XO. RB is a family of all different types of gamers from all walks of life. Some of us are casual; others of us are hard-core gamers. We enjoy all aspects of LOTRO. We have people who craft, who only solo quest, and people who love to raid. We have regularly scheduled runs, raids, and social events. We stay pretty busy and have plenty of ad-hoc runs throughout the day, but we are most importantly a kin who likes to have fun. We seek friendly, adult members to join us in our journey through the magnificent land of Middle Earth.

If this kin is of interest to you, please fill out a membership application, and you will be contacted in-game.
B'Day - Kabrinab
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B'Day - Vulcadan
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